21 Април 2016

The self-guided tasting space will feature extra-virgin olive oils that have won prestigious international awards

The Gourmet Olive Oil Bar at Alimentaria brings together the elite of Spanish extra-virgin olive oils

Oils range from the more well-known varieties such as Picual, Cornicabra and Arbequina to less familiar ones such as Changlot Real, Royal and Arróniz. The Gourmet Olive Oil Bar at Alimentaria is preparing an extensive array of over 100 top-quality oils produced in Spain for its 2016 event. The tasting zone, located in the Mediterranean Foods section, reflects the excellent health of the Spanish olive oil sector, including a growing range in the Premium segment, which is seeking to increase exports and establish greater synergies with haute cuisine. The space will also feature more than 20 oils that won awards at the prestigious World's Best Olive Oils 2015 event in New York, and the eight winners of the Jaen Selection competition.
Once again this year, the stars will be extra-virgin olive oils (AOVE) which represent the highest quality standard in Spain. The firms taking part in the Olive Oil Bar will be providing between one and five products. Some of these are covered by a Designation of Origin (DO) such as Priego de Córdoba, Baena, Sierra Mágina, Montes de Toledo, Oli de Mallorca, Aceite de Navarra, Siruana, Borges Blanques and Gata-Hurdes, amongst others. You will also find oils without a DO and new brands being promoted by small producers and oil presses.
The method chosen for the tasting space is a self-guided tasting experience using descriptive factsheets so national and international buyers, distributors, retailers, restaurateurs and representatives of the HoReCa chain can discover the flavour, quality and variety of the finest oils for themselves, as well as leaning about new trends. ‘Olive oils have significant organoleptic nuances in terms of the region in which they are grown, the olive variety, the climate, the altitude of the location and even the type of soil,' explains the director of the organising firm, Food Consulting, and coordinator of the space, Marta Angulo.
The Gourmet Olive Oil Bar at will be a faithful reflection of a Spanish market that is increasingly diversified, with an ever-higher number of products competing in the Premium segment. 'Indeed, these are the products that will be on show at the Olive Oil Bar. These are brands that for some years now have been making great strides in the quest for the perfect oil, striving for excellence and producing extra-virgin olive oils that we might describe as signature oils,' says Angulo.
As well as the quest for the ultimate quality, the Gourmet Olive Oil Bar will also reflect other trends in the sector, such as the commitment to producing organic oils, experiments with early olive harvesting and the growth of integrated production systems. With a 10-year track record, the Gourmet Olive Oil Bar has become a must-visit area for importers from all over world with an interest in discovering the diversity of Spain's olive-related products.
An expanding market
The international presence of Spanish extra-virgin olive oils has boomed in the last few years. More than half the national olive oil production is exported to 65 countries around the world. Some 65% of exports are aimed at EU countries, while sales in key markets such as the USA, China, Australia and Brazil are growing year-on-year. 'Spanish extra-virgin olive oils are constantly winning awards at international events, which makes them increasingly appreciated and recognised beyond our borders. Spain is no longer seen as just the biggest exporter in the world but also as the source of the world's most prestigious olive oils', emphasises Angulo.
Barcelona, April 2016
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