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Boosting the organic wines sector

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Consumers are increasingly coming to appreciate the qualities that organic food products have to offer, not only because of the lack of pesticide residues or unnatural chemical substances, but also because of their quality.
Organic or certified organic wines comply on site at the vineyard with European standards that regulate organic agricultural production according to regulations (EC) that limit and prohibit the use of certain products and substances during production, as well as the maximum level of sulphur dioxide for consumption.
Opinion-leading sommeliers are well aware of the other advantages of organic wines: their authenticity regarding the terroir and origin, generally more sustainable production at the winery, smaller scale wine production and a trend towards more traditional wine making processes.
The diversity, quality and price of organic wines produced in Spain, recognised with numerous prestigious national and international awards, are today inciting a curiosity and desire to discover more about them in importers and distributors worldwide.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA by its initials in Spanish), the land area dedicated to organic production in Spain has increased by 2.5% in 2016 compared to the previous year, now exceeding some two million hectares. Organic wines are also becoming increasingly important in terms of the number of wineries and wine products produced. Spain leads the sector, together with Italy and France, thanks to a production area which exceeds 106,719 hectares and which represents 11.1% of total vineyard cultivation land area.
With consolidated export potential and growing domestic consumption, organic wines generate significant economic value throughout the entire chain, from winemaking production to their arrival in target markets. According to data from Vinum Nature, it is estimated that the final economic value exceeds one billion euros, taking the average price of bottled quality wine as a reference.

Intervin and Vinum Nature join together to promote the organic wine sector

For the first time ever, Intervin will offer a space entirely dedicated to organic and biodynamic wines. The purpose of the alliance with Vinum Nature, the professional fair for certified organic, biodynamic and natural wines, is to develop synergies and create business opportunities in the promising sector of organic wine.
In addition, the project offers an immediate return thanks to the economic participation model, which enables access to all the advantages of the venue.

Vinum Nature arrives at Intervin 2018

In 2016, Vinum Nature, having already celebrated four previous editions, united 100 wineries, 500 wine products and more than 2,500 professionals interested in organic and natural wine. This offering of high quality organic wines will be added to at the upcoming edition of Alimentaria at the Intervin venue, which in 2016 had 700 wineries spread out over 15,000 m2 of exhibition space.

The wine sector is one of the main pillars of Alimentaria 2018. In the 2016 edition, of the 140,000 visitors to the fair, more than 32,000 had wines and spirits in their portfolio through different purchasing channels, such as large distribution, retail, specialised shops and restaurants.

Vinum Nature

Vinum Nature at Intervin

Vinum Nature at Intervin

With this business partnership, Intervin and Vinum Nature are taking an important quantitative and qualitative leap, so that organic wineries can make contact with a large number of buyers through the Alimentaria Matchmaking System platform.

Intervin is the only fair in Europe that can deliver the largest sector offering and at the same time take advantage of the business derived from the synergies with the other fairs that comprise Alimentaria. The joint celebration with Hostelco, the hotel and restaurant trade show, will provide Intervin and Vinum Nature exhibiting companies more opportunities in the Horeca channel.

Vinum Nature at Intervin, the perfect showcase

Vinum Nature at Intervin is the perfect space where all organic wineries have the opportunity to make effective sales contacts, and where professional visitors can directly meet the producers and get to know their wines and the most recent market trends.

Vinum Nature at Intervin

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