FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question about Alimentaria 2018? We help you to solve them! Discover the answers to frequently asked questions regarding your visit to Alimentaria 2018.

Buying passes - Registration

Invitations with free promotional codes

I've got an invitation with a free entrance code – how do I know which type of pass it is valid for?

Click on Buy your pass, and the section for entering your promotional code appears on the first screen just above the list of available pass types. Enter your code and click on ‘Apply Code'; the page will automatically show the pass for which your code is valid and the price with the discount applied.

How do I request invitations?

Invitations are not on general sale; only exhibitors can purchase invitations through the Exhibitors' Area to send to their clients.

How do I use my invitation?

The invitation has a free promotional code which you need to use to register on the show's website and then exchange for a pass. Click on Buy your pass, and enter your code on the first screen that appears, just above the list of available passes, and click on ‘Apply code'. At the end of the registration process, remember to print your pass.

How many types of invitation are there?

There are two types of invitation: paper and electronic. In both cases it is essential first to register online and then exchange the invitation for a pass; you cannot enter the show simply with the invitation on paper.

I've already bought a 1-day pass and now I've been sent a 1-day invitation code.

As the system does not allow refunds, you can use the invitation to buy a pass for another day.

I've already bought a 1-day pass and now I've been sent an invitation code for a 4-day pass.

Com que el sistema no admet canvis de dia ni devolucions, pots millorar el teu passi a 4 dies. Accedeix a l'Àrea Usuaris Registrats i sobre l'entrada comprada prem el botó de "Afegir producte/Upgrade". Introdueix el codi d'invitació per a 4 dies a l'apartat corresponent, prem el botó "Aplicar codi" i segueix endavant amb el procés. L'entrada de 1 dia quedarà invalidada i la teva entrada serà de 4 dies. Remember to print your pass again. The only valid pass is the last one you received.

You can also download it at any time from the Registered Users' area on the Alimentaria website.

Group registration

Can I register more than one person?

Yes, you can register a group of visitors provided that they are all on the same type of pass (1-day or 4-day). You will need to choose the type of pass and the amount on the first screen, then simply fill in the details of all the people to be registered on the following screen.

How can the visitors registered as a group log on to the Registered Users Area?

Everyone who is registered as a visitor will be sent an email with their individual password for logging on to the Registered Users Area, where they can manage any name changes, reprint their individual pass, buy activities or products, and consult information on their visit to the show.

Can I buy activities for more than one person?

If you have registered as a group of visitors, you cannot buy activities for the group during the process of buying the passes. Once you have completed this process, the main buyer or any member of the group can buy extra activities or products.

Can I register more than one person using the same email address?

No. The email address identifies the user and hence must be unique to each visitor.

Users already registered

How do I log on to the Registered Users area?

On our website you will find a direct link to the Registered Users Area. Enter your username and password. Your username is the email address with which you registered to buy your pass. If you can't remember your password, the system will let you reset it.

If you have been selected as a VIP Buyer, please login to the Registered VIP Buyers Area to reprint your badge or purchase activities.

I'm already registered, how do I print my pass again?

You can print your pass by entering your username and password in the Registered Users Area on the show's website, where it will always be available.

How can I access my invoice?

If you requested an invoice during the registration process, go to the Registered Users Area where it will always be available in the ‘Invoices' section.

I am already registered. Can I request an invoice?

If you did not request an invoice during the registration process, the system will have generated a simplified invoice which you can amend to add your tax details by going to the ‘Invoices' section.

Changes and refunds

Can I change my pass type?
  • If you have a 1-day pass you can change it for a 4-day pass by going to the additional services page. You can also change the name of the badge holder.
  • If you have a 4-day pass you can only change the name of the badge holder.

Name changes can be made in the Registered Users area in the User Details section, Modify. Don't forget to print your new pass in ‘My purchases'.

Can I change dates or get a refund on passes or activities?

Alimentaria's system does not allow:

  • Changes to pass dates. For this reason it is very important to select the right date in the case of 1-day passes or for any activities you may wish to attend.
  • Refunds on passes to the show.
  • Changes or refunds on passes to activities.


I already have my pass for Alimentaria 2018 but how do I buy tickets for the activities?

Go to the Registered Users area and over the purchased ticket click on ‘Add product/upgrade'. If you buy passes for activities, don't forget to print your pass again. The only valid pass is the last one you received.

You can also download it at any time from the Registered Users' area on the Alimentaria website.

Do I need to print my pass again if I have added products or activities?

Yes, it's very important that you print your pass again. The only valid pass is the last one you received.

You can also download it at any time from the Registered Users' area on the Alimentaria website.

If I have a pass for Alimentaria, how do I buy activities for Hostelco?

In the Registered Users Area of our website you can buy tickets to the paid activities at Hostelco (The Hostelco Experience).

If I have a pass for Hostelco, how do I buy activities for Alimentaria?

In the Registered Users Area of the Hostelco website you can buy tickets to the paid activities at Alimentaria.

Can I buy passes to activities during the Alimentaria trade show?

Provided that there are still tickets available, you can buy them either online or at the pass desks set up outside the activities themselves.


Can I buy passes to Alimentaria once it has started?

Yes, you can buy them online or at the registration windows. If you want to take advantage of any discounts and avoid the queues, we recommend you buy them online.

I have a pass to visit Alimentaria. Can I also visit Hostelco?

Yes, the two shows are being held together so you can use your Alimentaria pass to visit Hostelco and vice versa.

We are a school/university group; what should we do to visit the show?

On our website Students visit you can find the terms and conditions for school/university visits for students studying subjects related to food, beverages and hospitality.

I would like to take part in the Buyer Invitation Program arranged by the organisation; what should I do?

Check the Buyer invitation programs of the Organisation.

Other services - Useful information

Venue services

Is there a car park at the venue?

The venue has 4,580 parking spaces and the map below shows the areas set aside for visitors and exhibitors.

Which restaurants will be open during the show?

Alimentaria 2018 has a food trucks area at The Alimentaria Experience, located on the village between halls 4 and 6.

Also, the Fira Gran Via venue has 43 restaurants and catering services. More information on Gastrofira's website.

Restaurantes Fira Gran Via

Are there any ATMs at the venue?

Within Fira Gran Via venue you will find a CaixaBank ATM in the South entrance.

Is there a cloakroom service?

The organisation have arranged the following cloakroom services::

  • South entrance
  • East entrance
  • North entrance

Price per item: €3 (VAT included).

Please remember that you may not bring cases larger than 45 x 35 x 20 cm (briefcase size), trolley bags or backpacks into the show.

Is there WiFi at the venue?

Alimentaria 2018 offers various networks free of charge to exhibitors and visitors, on 2.4 GH and 5 GH.

Information on how to access these networks will be displayed at the venue during the show.

Admission rules

Accessing the venue implies acceptance of the Rules of the trade show.

Check out the full Regulations for the trade show.

Can I bring my dog/pet into the venue?

We regret that no animals are allowed into the venue apart from those permitted by law.

Can I bring children to the trade show?

Children under 18 are not allowed. Exceptionally, and only during visitor opening times of the event, the Organisation will allow the entry of breastfeeding babies up to 1 year old, in order to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life of professional women in the industry.

Can I buy products from exhibitors at the trade show?

Alimentaria is a professional trade show and the direct sale of products from stands is not permitted, nor is any form of itinerant selling.

I'm a visitor, can I take away samples from exhibitors?
  • Visitors are not permitted to leave the venue with more than one bag of product samples.
  • The organisers reserve the right to examine the content of bags if they suspect this regulation is being flouted, as well as the confiscation of any such products in these circumstances.
  • All the material confiscated by the organisers at the exit security control, due to breach of the regulations will be handed over to the Food Bank for management and use.

Accommodation, transport and visas

How do I go about organising my trip to Barcelona?

Check out our special travel and accommodation offers with Alimentaria 2018's official supplier: Book your trip.

Are there any travel discounts for exhibitors and visitors to Alimentaria 2018?

Alimentaria offers discounts with Renfe, Acciona Trasmediterranea and Iberia.

You can get access to these offers with your exhibitor pass or, as a visitor, once you have bought your pass (Registered Users area, in the Visas and Travel section)

I'm an international visitor and I need a visa for Spain; how do I get an Invitation Letter?

Alimentaria offers accredited international visitors the opportunity to obtain a Letter of Invitation to take to your consulate to get a visa for your trip to Spain on the dates of the show.

When you have completed the registration and pass purchase process, you will find an application form for the Letter of Invitation in the Registered Users area in the Visas and Travel section.

Check the countries whose nationals are required to have a visa.

Any queries?

You can contact us at visit@alimentaria.com
or by calling (+34) 93 567 97 08.