20 March 2017

The industry's most important show in Spain, with renowned international scope

Practically the entire Spanish meat industry will attend Intercarn 2018

From 16 to 19 April 2018, the next edition of Intercarn, the Alimentaria show dedicated to meat and meat products, will once again reaffirm its status as the nerve centre for the domestic and international meat industry, with the unanimous support of the biggest companies in the market and the industry's most representative associations and institutions.

Internationalisation, innovation, business and the entire industry offering. These are this show's strengths; its history as part of Alimentaria has led it to achieve the top international rankings among the industry's shows and establish itself as the platform of choice for the domestic meat industry.

Intercarn 2018 will occupy over 15,000 sq. m of net exhibition space at Fira de Barcelona, making room for more than 500 exhibitors renowned for their quality, history and innovative drive.

The show benefits from a high degree of loyalty from its participating companies. Over 80% of exhibitors participate in the show year after year. The key to Intercarn's success lies in the show's enormous convening power; thanks to being part of Alimentaria it has access to more than 140,000 visitors—mostly buyers and professionals in distribution, retail and the Horeca channel, more than 40,000 of which are international visitors.

In this regard and with the aim of promoting business and opening new markets for meat companies, Alimentaria invites more than 600 international buyers and influencers and organises a programme of crossover meetings between exhibitors and buyers selected by the exhibitors themselves, which allows Intercarn's companies to close deals and access new markets.

In addition, the World Congress of Wholesale Markets to be held for the first time at Alimentaria, promoted by the World Union of Wholesale Markets, guarantees the full presence at the show of large-scale wholesale distribution, market managers and directors from over 40 countries.

Unparalleled offer

For J. Antonio Valls, Director of Alimentaria and Head of Intercarn, ‘the wide-ranging offer provided by the show is unparalleled. Intercarn is a unique platform for exhibiting the fullest industry offering and the latest trends in the meat industry to buyers from around the world, since it offers a comprehensive and broad-based representation of the entire industry'. Thus, the show exhibits raw, processed, cured, pre-cooked, dried and Iberian meat products, and branded prepared products, as well as other categories.

At its next edition, Intercarn will again welcome companies from the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Germany and Romania, as well as other countries, and facilitate contact between buyers and exhibitors to generate new business opportunities. ‘Intercarn will expand the road to internationalisation that we have been promoting at previous editions to open up new marketing channels abroad and provide the best business opportunities for international companies whose exports are increasingly significant,' states Valls.

Additionally, the Spanish regions with the most significant meat production industries will attend the show with large company representations from each of their territories. And major industry associations such as Interporc, Interovic, Anafric and Fecic will also have a prominent presence at Intercarn.

Organising committee

In order to govern its guidelines, Intercarn has a new sectoral committee, with Paolo Soares, Regional CEO for the South of Europe at the Campofrío Food Group, as the Chairperson, and Anna Bosch, CEO of Noel Alimentaria and Chairperson of the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium, as the Vice Chairperson. Both appointments underscore the strategic importance of the industry for the whole of Alimentaria and provide the show with greater prominence. The remainder of the committee is made up of senior leaders from the most important companies in the Spanish meat industry, as well as the most significant industry associations.

Equipment and technology at Tecnocárnica

The meat industry owes much of its competitiveness to the machinery, equipment and technology sector that supports it. At FoodTech Barcelona, part of the portfolio of Alimentaria Exhibitions, the Tecnocárnica show will again be the meeting point for a sector that is committed to innovation and cutting-edge technology for the meat industry to be able to improve its production processes and remain in leading positions in the international market.

Together with Tecnocárnica, TecnoAlimentaria and TecnoIngredientes complete the sectors at FoodTech Barcelona, to be held from 8 to 11 May at Fira de Barcelona's Gran Vía venue.

Economic driving force

The meat industry is the fourth largest industrial sector in Spain with a turnover of over 22 billion euros, more than 21% of the entire Spanish food industry.

In 2016, meat production in Spain amounted to 6.419 million tons, representing an increase of 4.7% over the previous year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment. Spanish meat production has experienced significant growth over the last decade, largely driven by increased exports.

The meat industry is also the primary agri-food sector in Catalonia, where Intercarn and Tecnocárnica are held. The Catalan meat industry leads the entire Spanish industry. Catalonia is the leading producer of meat nationwide with 2.2 million tons in 2016, 3.6% more than in 2015, accounting for 34% of Spanish meat production.

March 2017

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