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Alimentaria becomes an international business centre for all food, drinks and culinary industry professionals. This is a date with innovation, the latest trends and international expansion no one in the industry will want to miss.

Alimentaria continues to focus on maintaining and strengthening the main foundations of its growth: internationalisation, innovation, gastronomy and specialisation. Some of Alimentaria's shows and content are also being re-imagined in exciting new ways.


Alimentaria 2016 will double its efforts to attract buyers from all over the world, especially Asia, the United States and Latin America, as well as Europe. Firms from over 50 countries will be exhibiting at the show, making Alimentaria a leading international event.




The Alimentaria Hub will again be the main focus for innovation, internationalisation and business. The area will host more than 10,000 meetings between exhibitors and international buyers, as well as providing a major showcase for trends in the food industry. Various experts will analyse the present and future of the sector and demonstrate the most innovative products.



The Alimentaria Experience, a space for culinary creation, will feature the hottest chefs of the day, the biggest Michelin ‘stars'.



Alimentaria 2016 has reorganised its shows to keep pace with the market, reinforcing key shows and expanding the options available to exhibitor companies.


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