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Logo Fundación Banco AlimentosAlimentaria shows its most socially responsible side through its fight against food waste and the recovery of surplus materials from its show, working alongside various organisations and NGOs to facilitate their establishment and operation over the course of the trade fair. This is the case of Banc dels Aliments, whose volunteers recovered 22,254 kilos of highly nutritional foodstuffs, for instance fish, meat and dairy products, from exhibitor stands at the close of Alimentaria.

For the next edition, Alimentaria reaffirms its commitment and strength its collaboration with the Banc dels Aliments, by facilitating once again storage spaces and a booth for the entity to disseminate its work in fighting against food waste and for industry companies and large-scale distribution companies to become aware of its provisions programme, designed to manage consumable but not saleable food stocks from the agri-food industry, which can be distributed among deprived people.

Barcelona's Banc dels Aliments and the NGO Nutrition Without Borders will join forces The goal is to reduce food wastage at the show and recover as much food as possible so it can be distributed to social organisations. Banc dels Aliments will manage most of the non-perishable, fresh and packaged refrigerated food, while Nutrition Without Borders will concentrate on recovering surplus fresh, processed and/or ready-to-use foods in open packaging.

If your company is interested in collaborating with the Banc dels Aliments and take this exceptional opportunity for withdrawing fair food surpluses, performing the donation of the foods where are exposed in their booths, please fill this application form.

Additionally, over the course of the Alimentaria event, Fira de Barcelona gave the NGO Nutrition Without Borders over 80 kilos of unconsumed food from the bars and restaurants around the Gran Via venue, mainly consisting of sandwiches, bread and rolls and soups that were shared out among different soup kitchens in Barcelona.

Cruz RojaAlimentaria is collaborating with the Red Cross for the first time to support the initiative Humanitarian Alliance for Child Nutrition. A campaign oriented to raise awareness, gather support and resources in order to ensure a healthy, balanced and varied nutrition among children in a vulnerability situation among society (citizenship, companies, entities, media, etc). This has been a collective that grew up since the beginning of the crisis.

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